Note Vanillée

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Eau de Parfum

by M. Micallef


Prefer your Vanilla perfumes a little more grownup and polished? This enigmatic bombshell marries a mesmerizing cognac and rum accord to the most satisfying dense and plushly resinous vanilla-ed sweetness that bypasses the sweet shop and proceeds directly to Va-Va Voom and hearts aflutter. Think the ambered density and languid honeyed movement of vanilla paste upon a succulent mandarin buoyancy that adds intrigue and dimension well beyond a one trick vanilla. This womanly vanilla fragrance  is unhurried, and matter of factly at ease with all appreciative eyes drawn to her as she walks by. The sunwarmed spicy skin of Note Vanillee retains residual flickers of the jasmine perfume she sprayed much earlier that morning. Note Vanillée is a perfectly postured liqueur-like vanilla piquant tempered by a deeply satisfying sandalwood base.


Jean Claude Astier and Geoffrey Nejman

Perfume Notes:

Top Notes:  Mandarin Orange, Citruses
Heart Notes:  Jasmine, Floral Notes
Base Notes:  Sandal Wood, Amber, Vanilla, Rum, Cognac

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