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NEA Art and Olfaction Award Winner by Jul et Mad
Amber Aoud by Roja Parfums buy at Pure Calculus of Perfume

Amber Aoud

“The mysterious exoticism of the Middle East. Rich, exotic, and complex fragrances of unparalleled luxury - they allow us to discover a world of secret pleasures coveted by all.”

- Roja Dove

Sedbury by Parfums de Marly at Pure Calculus of Perfume
Amour de Palazzo by Jul et Mad
Pallissandre D'Or by Aedes de Venustas
Scandal Pour Homme by Roja Parfums buy at Pure Calculus of Perfume

Pour Homme

“Resolutely modern and masculine - creations that reveal men's true character - successful, sexual, desired, and driven whilst thoughtful and caring.”

- Roja Dove

L'Attesa by Masque Milano

L'Attesa by Masque Milano

An exceptionally sophisticated iris evoking an exalted moment in time.

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