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Eau de Parfum

by Neela Vermeire Creations


Known as Mehrunissa, the most powerful Empress of the Mughal dynasty, Noor Jahan was the favorite wife of Emperor Jehangir. She was the true power behind the throne while her husband lived, so much so that after his death her male relatives had her sequestered (in comfort!) for the rest of her life. Mohur has been created as a refined rose-oud alliance that pays tribute to Noor Jahan’s power and talent

Mohur is an opulent, leathery rose-oud symphony of inimitable sophistication that utterly transcends description by mere resort to the individual notes which comprise its supremely refined character. Mohur is a densely intertwined fusion of rose and oud,  gorgeously redolent of an endlessly beautiful sandalwood finely rendered with an underlying lightly spiced milkiness that oozes classic refinement and a transcendentally compelling poise that is absolutely unrivaled.

A complex, yet wholly unchallenging perfume Beauty and gilded changeling, Mohur radiates an inky, textured depth that is at once sophisticated yet remarkably comforting as the velveted blanket of iris and mere suggestion of vanilla and ambered sweetness cocoon an enveloping sueded spice rose.  A timeless scent that recalls another more rarefied place and time with an air of exquisite seamlessness that somehow manages to evoke classicism and grandeur in the gravity defying manner of effortless understatement.  A Rose Gold Symphony!


Bertrand Duchaufour

Perfume Notes:

Top Notes: Cardamom Absolute, Coriander Seed Oil, Ambrette Seed, Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose Oil, Morrocan Rose Absolute, Aubepin Flower, Iris, Almond Milk Accord, Leather
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Oud Palao, Benzoin Siam, Vanilla

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