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Eau de Parfum

by Papillon Artisan Perfumes


Ah, sigh-worthy reverie inducing Anubis! A perfume for the discerning, enamored of the cultivated splendor and exotic Romance of another era…

With a perfume named after the Egyptian God of the afterlife, one expects a mysterious encounter and delivers just that. An alchemistic fragrance, beguiling with an exotically resinous duality in which glimpses of jasmine’s headiness emerge provocatively through a sueded prism of opulently interwoven incense and sandalwood. A stunningly sensual texture shape-shifts as differing aspects of a singularly overarching nuanced warmth beckons while brooding leather settles upon an undercurrent of smoldering sweetness. Anubis bewitches as a potently treacled-tarred incarnation of leathery and ambered starlight that sinuously reaches through blackened curtains to descend upon one dreamily sleeping, unaware.

Heady blooms of jasmine, amid rich suede, smoulder over an incense laden base of frankincense, sandalwood, labdanum. Vivid slashes of immortelle, pink lotus and saffron create a scent shrouded in darkness and veiled in mystery. Discover Anubis, if you dare.


Liz Moores

Perfume Notes:

Egyptian Jasmine, Pink Lotus, Suede, Immortelle, Frankincense and Saffron

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