What a Good Year for the Roses

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…many blooms still linger there
~ Elvis Costello

Feast at the sumptuous banquet of Rose largesse with samples of these exquisite and utterly sophisticated modern rose perfumes that are not your grandmother's roses!

Tobacco Rose Eau de Parfum

by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Tobacco Rose is a stunningly different interpretation of the majestic rose! Prepare for a dazzling rebellion with Tobbaco Rose's relentlessly masterful nuances and rebellious proportion. A sensual blend of Bulgarian Rose, geranium and Rose de Mai form an opulent backdrop of velvety rose notes set against a luxuriously rich and smoky base of French Hay and earthy oakmoss. Soft animalic touches of ambergris and beeswax are suspended in a sumptuous blend of musks, creating an alluringly enigmatic and unmistakable perfume.

Nin-Shar Extrait de Parfum

by Jul et Mad

Nin Shar is a rose with super powers! Nin-Shar is a multi-faceted perfume representation of the entire rose plant from the soft floral petals, green leaves, stems and thorns to the earth it is rooted in.   The soft, powdery facets intertwine with strong green and balsamic woody notes to reveal a richly redolent and inky three dimensional rose vividly rendered through Turkish rose absolute, rose liqueur, davana essence and incense absolute.

Mohur Eau de Parfum

by Neela Vermeire Creations

Mohur is an opulent, leathery rose-oud symphony of inimitable sophistication that utterly transcends description by resort to the individual notes which include iris, benzoin and patchouli. Mohur's densely intertwined fusion of rose and oud is gorgeously redolent of and endlessly beautiful sandalwood and an underlying lightly spiced milkiness that oozes classic refinement and a transcendantally compelling poise that is unrivaled.

Rose Cut Eau de Parfum

by Ann Gerard

Rose Cut is a consensus building thoroughly modern rose for even the most rose phobic. Rose Cut airily opens the door to this elegant fete like a carbonated blast of cool April air imbued with a hint of pepper that presciently foretells the radiant warmth to come.

Oielliet Bengale Eau de Parfum

by Aedes de Venustas

Oielliet Bengale has a delicious identity problem….A flower on fire. Oeillet Bengale is a fierece, fiery, feral rose that wants to be carnation, set ablaze by an exotic spice explosion. Red petals turned black by frankincense.

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