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Eau de Parfum

by Papillon Artisan Perfumes


Beyond the Boudoir! Salome is a compelling vintage and honeyed knockout for when your inner Ziegfeld Girl needs to to find expression in everyday life……A daringly provocative and compelling perfume!

With daring doses of indolic jasmine and rich feral musks; bedevilled and velvety animalic facets dance seductively behind a veil of Turkish rose and carnation. Vintage and honeyed, it lures with the warm, plush appeal of an erotic boudoir before ensnaring the wearer in a web of unashamed erotic delight. Slip into your second skin with Salome.


Liz Moores

Perfume Notes:

Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Turkish Rose, Orange Blossom, Tobacco, Carnation, Jasmine

Base Notes: Styrex, Vanilla, Hay, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cumin,  Birch, Castoreum

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