Moon Bloom

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Eau de Parfum

by Hiram Green


Moon Bloom is an all natural, gracefully radiant tuberose perfume to charm even the most tuberose wary. Tuberose is a tropical night blooming flower. Often referred to as ‘the mistress of the night’, tuberose is an admired theme in perfumery because of its soft and creamy but also powerful and narcotic aroma. This opalescent gem is lushly elegant, with a dense spiced creaminess that evokes a refined exoticism. The fragrance radiates a pillowy soft and warmly sensual feminine ease, absent any distinct transitions or showy white flower boldness. An engaging duality unfolds as Moon Bloom’s bright freshness intertwines with the silky smooth, almost drowsy sweet milkiness. A ladylike, sotto voce tuberose of supreme grace.


Hiram Green

Perfume Notes:

Tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang, with notes of coconut, leafy greens and hints of tropical spices and resins.

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